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  • Status : Completed Apr. 2016
  • Brief : Interior design + Project Management for a Cafe/Juice Bar
  • Budget : £140,000
  • Location : Bride Lane, St. Paul's, London
  • Size : 785 sq ft. 73 sqm
  • Construction Time : 12 weeks
  • Photography : Nicholas Worley


We were approached by healthy food evangelists SHOT to develop an experimental interior for their first cafe in St. Paul’s, London. The client’s brief asked for the design to be a direct reflection of their careful scientific approach to recipe development - their menu demands that every ingredient used must offer direct health benefits.

In response, we used bespoke curved ceramics to create a continuous clinical tiled space inspired by Victorian medical laboratories and the traditional curved ceramics of the London Underground. Working closely with Dutch tile manufacturer D-Tile, the space was designed in 3D software on a customisable 150x150mm square grid. The serving counter, menu screens, customer fridge and kitchen door were all integrated into one complex and continuous expanse of tiles.

At the heart of our work is a desire to create visually striking projects. The difficulty in this instance was designing something distinctive yet functional in such a small space. Our aim was to create an intricate interior that reflects the high level of detail our clients put into their product. The gentle radial curves, coupled with the strict grid of the grout lines, come together to give a wonderful sinuous order to the space.

The tiles were also used to form the counter tops, a central table, bar stools, external projecting signs, and even the pendant lampshades. Four unique colours were developed for the stools and pendants to reflect the cafe’s branding. Further colour was added by using rubber flooring, planting, and a neon sign. The table was designed with integrated planters to house herbs and chilis to emphasise the transparency of the food produce on offer. The solid walnut bench tops were formed using a flatbed CNC machine to mimic the grout lines and bevelled edges of the tiles.

Sitting between a micro gin-distillery and an independent tailors, the exterior of the shop was simplified and painted white to give it a distinctive street presence on this characterful London lane.

SHOT opened to the public in April 2016.


““Fantastic and unique design. Delivered on time and on budget. What more can a client ask for!?””

Rahil Malik, Co-Founder of S.H.O.T.